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restaurants and clubs  

Restaurant & Clubs

Stone Surfaces are the perfect alternative for restaurants and clubs as the high moisture resistance of stone inhibits absorption of smells, formation of spots and warping of a bench top from the water, heat and is virtually scratch resistant. Therefore, requiring less harsh detergents and disinfectants.

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Building Facades  

Building Facades

Stone tiles and slabs on building facades are easy to maintain, stylish and not at risk of fading or discolouring when exposed to sunlight, wear and tear. Stone Image have a large selection of colours available, helping you chose something to enhance your decor. For exterior features and practicality, low maintenance and durability, stone is the natural choice for building facades. 

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Foyers and Atriums  

Foyers & Atriums

The use of Stone in Foyers and Atriums provides for a hardwearing, low maintenance yet still impressive commercial environment.  For practicality, the virtually indestructible qualities of stone render it the most appropriate floor and wall surface for heavy usage areas. Stone and reconstituted Stone comes in a range of diverse colours and textures to enhance any architectural design.

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Marble & Granite Merchants

  • Kitchen Benchtops.
  • Vanities.
  • Fireplaces.
  • Furniture.
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"Stone is amazingly durable and virtually maintenance free, and comes in a range of colours to render any decor classically beautiful."


Hygienic Finishes

The Stain, Crack, Heat Resistant and Non-Porous quality of stone surfaces prevent the growth of mould and other bacterias.

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Impressive Layouts

From homes to hotels, resutarants, shopping malls etc, stone surfaces are the perfect choice.

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Classic Designs

The timeless elegance of highly polished stone cannot be compared to alternatives such as laminex and tiles.

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